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How to Check the Oil in My Yamaha V Star 1100

The Yahama V-Star 1100 is a cruiser-style motorcycle produced by Yamaha. As part of the routine maintenance of the motorcycle, users should check their engine oil level often, as operating the bike with too little oil can cause serious damage to the engine. The Yamaha V-Star 1100 does not have a dip-stick. Instead, it has a small window, or sight glass, located on the left side of the engine. This allows owners to check the oil level quickly, without the need for a rag to clean the dipstick.



    Turn off the Yamaha V-Star 1100s engine, then put the kickstand down to secure the motorcycle in an upright position.


    Locate the small, round, glass window, on the bottom of the left side of the motorcycle.


    Locate the two hash marks on the glass, one near the top of the glass, and one near the bottom. The top hash mark indicates the maximum amount of oil that should be in the engine, and the bottom mark indicates the minimum amount of oil that should be in the engine.


    Bring the bike to a vertical position, to ensure an accurate reading. While the motorcycle is straight up, look at the glass and determine where the oil falls in relation to the two marks. The oil level should be between the two hash marks. If the oil level is below the minimum line, add oil before starting the engine again, and if it is above the maximum line, you should remove oil prior to starting the engine. Add oil a little at a time, and check the glass each time, to avoid over-filling.