Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to Fix a Bottle Jack

Like any other craftsman, a mechanic must use tools to aid him in getting the job done efficiently and effectively. One such tool often taken for granted is the bottle jack. A bottle jack lifts a heavy vehicle with hydraulics. Without a bottle jack, a mechanics work would often be impeded by the lack of accessibility to a part of a vehicle. Repairing a bottle jack can be expensive. Try fixing it yourself before making the investment in repair or a new purchase.



    Extend the jack arm fully to its maximum height at the jack mount surface.


    Locate the release valve on the opposite side of your pump. Pull out the piston located within the chamber.


    Use your flashlight to check the chamber for cracks, oil build-up, dirt and other substances. You should see a small trace amount of oil within the chamber but nothing more. Excessive dirt indicates a bad seal which will require professional repair.


    Locate the oil reservoir filler cap which is the uppermost cap inside the release valve. Use your screwdriver to pry open the cap if necessary. The hydraulic oil should be 1/4 inch below the opening. Fill the reservoir to the 1/4 inch mark if necessary.


    Wipe the jack clean with a cloth to detect oil. Pump the jack several times by the handle with the release valve still open. Look for leaking oil.


    Close the release valve. Pump the jack up to its full height position. If the jack will not rise, bleed the jack by opening the release valve.


    Attach the jack to your vehicle. Pump the jack to lift the vehicle to see if the jack is now working properly. If the jack will not lift, seek professional repair.

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