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What Is the Purpose of a Motor Mount

What Is the Purpose of a Motor Mount?

Motor mounts are important automobile parts used to protect the engine, transmission and surrounding components from damage. Motor mounts also reduce the amount of noise and vibration in the vehicle to improve passenger comfort.


    Motor mounts secure the engine and transmission to the body of a vehicle. Motor mounts are made of two plates of steel joined by a large rubber block. One plate is attached to the engine or transmission and the other to the frame. The rubber block cushions the movements of the engine and transmission.


    Though less commonly used than the rubber block design, some motor mounts use hydraulic fluid to cushion the engine and transmission movements. These mounts also use two steel plates but are connected by a small hydraulic cylinder. Some hydraulic mounts adjust while driving to optimize the mounts performance.


    A defective motor mount allows the engine and transmission to move too far and too quickly. During acceleration or heavy braking, the broken mount may create a thumping noise as the engine or transmission strikes the broken mount. Broken motor mounts should be immediately replaced before this excessive movement causes damage.