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How to Replace Water Pump and Gaskets for My 88 F 150

The F series is a line of pickup trucks that Ford has manufactured since 1948. The 1988 models belong to the eighth generation of this series, which Ford made from 1987 to 1991. The procedure for replacing the water pump is generally the same for all Ford F-150s within this model-year range. The water pump for a Ford F-150 is located on the front of the engine block, and its accessible from the engine compartment.



    Place a container under the radiator and remove the drain cock. Drain the coolant into the container and replace the drain cock. Store the coolant for later use.


    Disconnect the mounting bolts for the shroud on the cooling fan with a socket wrench, if your F-150 is so equipped. Remove the shroud and disconnect the hoses from the water pump. Remove the accessory drive belt, cooling fan, cooling fan pulley and fan spacer.


    Remove the pivot bolt for the alternator and the mounting bolt for the alternator adjusting arm with a socket wrench. Disconnect the bracket for the power steering pump if your F-150 has power steering.


    Remove the bolts that attach the water pump to the cover of the timing chain, using a socket wrench. Disconnect the water pump and discard its gasket.


    Coat the new gasket with sealer and install the new gasket into its mounting groove on the timing chain cover. Connect the new water pump and tighten its mounting bolts to 18 foot-pounds with a torque wrench.


    Connect the hoses to the water pump and install the shroud for the cooling fan if your vehicle is so equipped. Attach the cooling fan, the cooling fan pulley and the cooling fan spacer. Install the accessory drive belt. Replace the coolant in the radiator.